Outsourced marketing programs for businesses who don’t have time

We provide fresh marketing programs that are intelligent, strategic and effective.

Marketing in the Digital age is tough. Imagine the revenue growth you’d achieve if you had a strategic and consistent 12 Month Marketing Program?

You are leaving revenue on the
table by not supporting your sales with marketing.

It’s tough to find and hire a
strategic-minded marketing person who knows and understands the modern day marketing mix.

How do you even know what marketing tactics are
increasing sales?

Over the last 11 years we have seen an explosion in new ways to communicate with customers.

The Marketing Departmint will guide you through a proven, strategic process for building and executing a 12 Month Marketing Program.

  1. 1

    Strategic Onboarding Process

    We guide you through a proven onboarding process.
  2. 2


    We build your 12 Month Marketing Program.
  3. 3


    We launch your program and provide results.

How it works

Using our proven process we guide you through our strategic on-boarding process where we help you identify:

We help you build a profile of your perfect customer.

Determine the perfect customer’s greatest pain points.

Describe your most successful customer stories.

Explain the problem(s) you are solving for your customer.

Promote the products & services that solve the problem(s).

Communicate the most fundamental aspect of your business.

Explore the various places online you engage with customers.

Detail the touch-points throughout the customer journey.

Identify marketing channels that have the greatest opportunity.

We bring together a mix of strategists, writers, designers, and tech experts to run your program and take marketing off your plate.

Hire a proven team of specialists with 1,000s of campaigns under our belt.

Over the last 11 years we have had 300+ clients and produced 4,000+ online marketing campaigns.

Proven Content Strategy
Insightful Analytics
Strategic Marketing Plans
Wonderful Account Reps


Freshen up your marketing and increase sales.

Sign up today and build a strategic path forward!

12 Month Marketing Plan

per month

On-boarding Process

  • Define perfect customer
  • Define customer’s pain points
  • Describe most successful stories

12 Month Marketing Plan

  • Define Annual Thematic Goal
  • Quarterly Thematic Campaigns
  • Monthly Content Calendar

Social Media Management

  • Choose two channels
  • 8 posts per month, per channel

Customer Storytelling Blog

  • 1 Blog written per month about a successful customer story

Product Highlight Blog

  • 1 Blog written per month highlighting a top product

Multimedia Package

per month

Additional Social Media Management

  • 1 Additional Channel
  • 8 Posts per month

Plus choose one of the following:

  • 2 Hour Product or Team Photoshoot
  • 1 Minute Customer Story Video
  • 1 Minute Product Overview Video
  • 1 Press Release Written

Paid Media Management

per month

Paid Media Management

  • We manage your pay-per-click on one channel (Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, etc.)

    - Plus 15% of media spend

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    “I really have come to appreciate the forward-looking strategy and planning.”
    Leisa B.
    Chief Marketing Officer
    “We are finally communicating with our customers in a consistent and smart way!
    Tammi C.
    Chief Executive Officer
    “The social media content is fresh and upbeat. My customers always compliment me on our marketing.”
    Philip R.
    Business Owner